join our dealership network

We are always looking to add to our network of dealerships. We provide detailed leads of customers vetted by our team, who are ready to purchase. Best of all during our BETA phase, we are not charging a monthly fee.

A new way to sell cars

We all know the frustration in marketing in the auto industry. Vehicle Hound was created with what you want in mind, customers who know what they want. Join our expansive network of dealerships today.

Our team has been in the auto industry for over two decades, because of this we send leads that convert into customers. They will either be looking for a specific vehicle, a specific payment or a specific approval. We have each of our affiliate dealerships segmented into those lead categories, and only send the particular type of leads they are looking to receive.

Vehicle Hound is currently in BETA phase, which means any dealership signing up with us now will not have to pay a monthly membership fee, ever! 

Once a customer purchases a vehicle from your facility, Vehicle Hound charges a fee (which we will agreed upon during dealer sign up to our platform). Our philosophy is simple, we make money only when you make money!

Unlike most broker platforms, the customers you receive through Vehicle Hound are yours! All future vehicle sales, any referrals that the customer provides will belong to you.


We dispatch leads

Every dealership we work with gets categorized during signup. We dispatch the leads we receive to our network, first dealership to claim the lead will get the customer.


Vehicle Hound will connect you directly with the customer. At this point you will sell the car like to any other customer.

MARK the deal

Once the vehicle is sold, simply mark the deal as completed in our system. If there are any questions along the way for any deal, our team is here to help.

Dealership Application

We review every application for eligibility. Submitting the application does not guarantee entry to our platform. Upon completion, we will be in touch regarding the next steps.